New York Herb School - 5-Month Certification Program: The Art of Healing with Food -Oriental Dietetics

Confucius (551-479 B.C.) once said...' the path to your friend's heart and love goes from your cooking.'

A Chinese proverb tells us that 'eating good food can bring harmony and closeness to the family and relationships.

In 625AD, the first Chinese Diet Classic was published by Sun Shu Mao a Chinese Physician, his book is entitled 'One Thousand Ounces of Gold Classics'. he created food cures for such conditions as thyroid issues, night blindness, liver diseases and much more. Many of these food cures and healing diets are still being used today. Macrobiotics and many of the modern healing diets that you are familiar with have all 
drawn from this ancient wisdom to heal disease in the modern clinic.

The 5 - Month program was created with an accessible format of classes meeting one weekend a month and includes both academic, online and clinical training in diagnosis, herbal and food protocols. The Five Element system of Chinese Medicine was developed by ancient sages who gave more attention to the health of the body and less attention to the treatment of disease.

CLASSES BEGIN September 2019

Cooking Classes

Off-Campus Field Trips

30 Clinic Hours - Hands-on practical.

Learn to Create Personalized Food Programs for seasonal eating, specific health condition, chronic illness, and detoxification programs.

Learn the latest diets; Macrobiotics, the Gerson Program, Gluten, Sugar and Dairy Free, Vegan, Juicing, and Sports Performance.

Led by Drew DiVittorio (Primary Instructor)

This program meets in New York City one weekend a month.

Module 1: 1 Saturday (10 - 5)
INTRODUCTION TO THE ELEMENTS OF CLASSICAL CHINESE MEDICINE Chinese herbal medicine is governed by the universal principles of balance and harmony expressed in The Tao. This weekend includes an overview of the history of Chinese Medicine and begins to familiarize students with the basic terms and concept: Five Element Theory, “Qi “ (pronounced chee) and the immune system, six divisions of Yin and Yang, 4 causes of disease, TCM terminology, energetic imbalances, and meridians. Also, discussion of Classical Chinese

Module 2: Saturday & Sunday (10 - 5)
DIAGNOSIS IN ORIENTAL MEDICINE Herbology is the core of treatment in Chinese medicine and energetically, practitioners look beyond the symptoms of the disease to alleviate the underlying imbalance that caused the disease. Imbalances are determined by a non-invasive diagnostic system that includes tongue reading, pulse reading, facial observations, and health history evaluation. Students will gain a working familiarity with meridians and diagnostic points during a full day hands-on workshop on Sunday.

Module 3: Saturday, Sunday (10 - 5)
THE FIVE ELEMENT DIET: FOOD AS MEDICINE Balance in a diet is unique for each person and there is no one diet for everyone. Learn how to use whole foods “as medicine” to balance and regenerate internal organs and strengthen the immune system to help prevent disease. The Taoist way and the healing properties of whole foods, essentials of nutrition, food energetics, dietary guidelines, elimination diets, five-phase cooking and specific foods for organ imbalances. How to create personalized food prescription from the general diet to congee, medicinal soups, salads, and food cures.

Module 4: Saturday & Sunday (10 - 5)
Cooking Class Saturday: Detoxification - Learn to create a personalized Detox Program for your clients.  In this class, we will learn to detox salads, soup, and tea. 
Comparative Diet Study: Sunday: In this class, we will discuss all of the current diets that are available on the market today.

Module 5: Saturday & Sunday (10 - 5)
Theory will be applied in the hands-on application of Chinese diagnostics. Practice, under supervision, differential diagnosis to assess health conditions, case taking and making practical herbal recommendations. Small group discussion of case studies. Resources and opportunities for continued studies.

  • Upon completion of this training program, you will receive a diploma from the Institute of Herbal Medicine & Nutrition.

Required Text:

Healing With Whole Foods/ Paul Pitchford
Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Online Learning Courses:
1. Safety in the Organic Food and Herb Market.
2. Safe and Healthy Detoxification
3. Digestive Health
4. Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar-Free Living

The price of the program: $1250

The first payment - the deposit to hold your seat is $250 - non-refundable. 
5 payments of $200 or 7 payments of $142

If you pay in full or you are a student from the Open Center you will receive a $250 discount. Total payment $ 1000