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Oriental diagnosis is an ancient medical art of reading the body to determine health.  The condition of the internal organs is apparent by looking at external features, such as the face, tongue eyes, and ears. This class will provide a step-by-step introduction to the methods of assessment, and diagnosis Oriental medicine. 

When you are able to diagnose, you are able to help friends, family, and customers with valuable advice as you will be able to recognize which organ(s) may be imbalanced (hopefully) before it causes a problem.

Saturday & Sunday: November 4 & 5
10AM - 4PM
301 West 55 Street
Suite #4


Students will gain a working familiarity with meridians and diagnostic points during a full day hands-on workshop on Sunday. Yin/Yang is the Way of heaven and earth, The fundamental principle of the myriad things, The father, and mother of change and transformation, The root of inception and destruction – Su Wen, Yellow Emperor’s Classic. THIS IS A MUST FOR ANY…

Tongue Diagnosis in Oriental Medicine

This is the first in a series of articles explaining the theories, the herbal formulas and diagnostic tools used in Oriental Medicine to heal. The medical application of tongue diagnosis is very old.The earliest records are inscriptions on bones and tortoise shells unearthed during the Yi Dynasty; the first dynasty of the Bronze Age. Ancient Chinese physicians developed a special way of approaching the diagnosis of diseases through four types pf physical examination:inspection, questioning, smelling, and listening.In addition to taking the pulse, palpation of the abdomen, and tongue diagnosis an inspection of the features of the tongue to aid in disease diagnosis were very important.

Professor Drew's Classroom - Workshop

Clinic Training: Pulse & Tongue Rounds: Student Clinic and Case Studies Theory will be applied in hands-on application of Chinese diagnostics. Practice, under supervision, differential diagnosis to assess health conditions, case taking and making practical diet and herbal recommendations. Small group discussion of case studies. Resources and opportunities for continued studies. Everyone will be diagnosed by the instructor! _____________________________________________________ Date(s): Sunday (August 12th) Location: 1133 Bway, Between 25 & 26, Suite 1023
Time: 10am - 4:30pm
Price: $75 Audit Fee I only have room for 10 people!
Please let me know ASAP.
Send payment to 8 Augusta Court, Purchase, NY 10577���…