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New York Herb School - Institute of Herbal Medicine & Nutrition. The Art of Healing with Herbs & Food.

Become A Certified Health Coach in the Taoist Healing Arts

Classical Chinese Herbology
5-Element Nutrition
Tai Qi Teaching Certification

New Semester Begins March 22, 2018

The New York Herb School offers professional training programs in Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine, Oriental Dietetics and a Certification as a TaiQi Instructor, developed for healthcare practitioners and lay-students seeking to incorporate herbs and healing foods into their clinical practice or daily lives.
Our program in Classical Chinese Herbology and the Taoist Healing Arts encourages people from all walks of life—medical professionals, laypeople, nutritionists, trainers, counselors, massage therapists and more—interested in improving their personal health and the health of their clients. `

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