New York Herb School - Institute of Traditional Chinese Healing Arts

The Art of Healing with Foods: 6 Month Training Program.  ($1200.00 – 10% discount if paid in full)
The Art of Healing with Herbal Medicine& Nutrition:  1 Year Training Program.
($3350 – 10% discount if paid in full )
($500 Discount for all who have taken one of my classes)

All Modules & Classes can be taken separately.

Modular I:  Theory ($500.00)
1.     Introduction to Classical Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi & Taoism (2-day workshop - $250.00)
2.     Diagnosis:  Introduction to Signs and Symptoms (Pulse, Tongue reading Differential diagnosis according to the Zang Fu Theory) (2-day workshop - $250).

Modular II:  The Art of Healing with Food – Oriental Dietetics ($700.00)
1.     The Art of Healing With Food (2-day workshop - $250)
2.     Cooking Class #1 ( $100 - ½ day seminar – additional $50 paid to the instructor)
3.     Cooking Class #2 ( $100 - ½ day seminar – additional $50 paid to the instructor)
4.     Rounds - Student Clinic (2 day workshop - $250)

Modular lll: The Art of Healing with Herbs & Tea ($2000 - $250 per weekend)
Each weekend will cover Chinese Medicine Theory as well as modern Nutritional. Eight Chinese Herbal Formulas, Western Herbs and Teas will be discussed per element and a student clinic on Sunday afternoon.
1.     The Earth Element: The Spleen, Stomach & Muscles.  Digestion Issues: elimination & absorption, the metabolism, the immune system, and blood sugar issues.  ($250)
2.     The Wood Element:  The Liver, Gallbladder & the Nervous System.  Detoxification, reproductive issues, heart disease, pain & distension.($250)
3.     The Water Element:  The Kidney, Bladder, Bones, Endocrine System & the Brain. Stress induced disorder, memory, aging, sexual dysfunction, infertility, thyroid & bone loss.($250)
4.     The Metal Element: The Lungs, Large Intestine, the Skin & Lymph. Colds, Flu, infectious disease, asthma, allergies, all respiratory issues. ($250)
5.     The Heart Element: The Heart, Small Intestine, Vascular System, and the Emotions: Anxiety, sleep disorders, all psychology of illness.($250)
6.     Rounds - Student Clinic: (2 day workshop - $250)
7.   Herbal Medicine Making (1-day Workshop - $250)

Modular lV:  Electives: (1 day workshops - $150 ($50 pated to the instructor) – 1 elective to graduate from the 1-Year Program:
1.     Touch for Health – Kinesiology

3.    Guest Lecture

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